10th March

Happy Beyond Measure

Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully! Matthew 5: 6

Ninian was happy beyond measure, and the glory of our land. He respected all people and was secure in his holiness. He used to go to a cave to study and meditate on heavenly wisdom; he could understand books in different languages, and he was a powerful teacher and preacher. By his eloquence the hearts of the faithful grew strong as he spoke of the true joys of eternal life.

Ninian offered to all ethnic groups the consolations of life and generously invited them to share food. He gave beautiful clothes to those who had none. He visited people in prison. He personally took food and drink to those who were hungry and thirsty during times of famine. He was like a father to the orphan and a protective judge to the widow. He exercised an authority to be feared by wrongdoers but he was loved by all who did good.

Ninian was a humble and wise man and he closed his journey in joy.

Today, many people walk from Whithorn to Ninian’s cave. There, innumerable prayers of today’s pilgrims are scratched on the rocks.

Lord, give us happiness, true happiness
The happiness of knowing we are called by you
The happiness of knowing we are cleansed people
The happiness of knowing we are Christ’s instruments
The happiness of knowing we are set free from addiction to created things
The happiness of cherishing others and being cherished by them
The happiness of being on a journey towards joy overflowing.