10th November

A Visit Of The Holy Spirit

While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit came down on all those who were listening to his message. The Jewish believers who had come from Joppa with Peter were amazed that God had poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit on foreigners also. Acts 10: 44, 45

Once some founders of Christian communities came to visit Columba when he was on the island of Hinba. As they shared Holy Communion one of them saw a tongue of fire, flaming and very bright, all ablaze from Columba’s head as he stood before the altar. It rose up all the time like a pillar until the end of worship.

On another occasion when Columba was staying on the island of Hinba the Holy Spirit was poured upon him in matchless abundance for a period of three days and nights. He remained alone inside a bolted house throughout this time, neither eating nor drinking. Yet rays of light of immeasurable brilliance could be seen flooding out by night through the chinks of the doors and the key holes. Columba was heard to sing spiritual songs that had never been heard before. Afterwards he confided in a few people that many mysteries which had been hidden from the beginning of the world had been revealed to him, and obscure, difficult passages in the Bible had been made more plain to him than the light of day.

Your son Christ, it is clear, is one of the three persons of the deity
and all things have indeed been created by him.
He is in union with the Father, with the Holy Spirit,
He is their peer, it is from Them, with the permission of all,
that the Holy Spirit proceeds.
Blathmac 6th. century

O Christ, our dearest Saviour,
kindle our lamps
that they may evermore shine in your temple
and receive unquenchable light from you
that will lighten our darkness
and lessen the darkness of the world.
Attributed to St. Columba