11th July

Eastern Light

In the beginning was the Life Force … The Life Force was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. John 1:2,4

The Greek word Logos was used in the Bible, and in Greek writings of the time, to describe the life force that people believed lay behind the material things of the universe. Science fiction films often reflect a similar belief. ‘The Force be with you’ was a saying in an early science fiction film, Star Wars. This idea of the Life Force, which was strong in the eastern part of the world, was taken up by the apostle John, who brought many people in eastern parts to faith. John, who had such ‘flow’ with Jesus, helped people understand that this Life Force was channeled, in an almost unbelievable way, in one man, Jesus Christ. Once you grasp this amazing truth, your hopes and your horizons are transformed.

I muse on the eternal Logos of God, and all creation is lit up:
I muse on the eternal Light, and every person is lit up:
I muse on the eternal Life, and God’s heaven is lit up:
I muse on the beloved disciple at the Last Supper and God’s sacrament is lit up:
I muse on the loved mother and apostle at the cross and Christ’s church is lit up:
I muse on the risen Christ at Lake Galilee and all our Easters are lit up:
I muse on the eternal Lamb of God and eternity’s tenderness is lit up:
I muse on the radiance of the eastern light and pray that it becomes the transforming glory of the west.

Grant to me, O Lord,
That tender love, that deathless vision, that flowing life
Of John the loved disciple
Until the Logos, the Lamb, and I
Your little loved one
Flow together as one