11th October

The Five Stringed Harp

You know that your bodies are parts of the body of Christ … so use your bodies for God’s glory. 1 Corinthians 6: 15, 20

Celtic Christians use all their their bodily senses, which they call ‘the five stringed harp’, to express the presence of God.

Bless my hands Lord
May they be put to good use and not wasted idly.
May they work hard and honestly
Yet still grasp every opportunity to stroke and caress.
May they never be raised in violence.
Bless my feet Lord
May they always walk on hallowed ground
May they not run away in fear but plod courageously on.
May they never wander off your courageous path.
Bless my eyes `Lord
May they see beyond the masks so often worn
and look deeply into the soul.
Help them to drink in the beauty of the sunrise and sunset
the shimmering sun dancing through the waves.
May they marvel at the brilliance of tiny jewel-like snow crystals glistening in the moonlight.
May they see into the hunger, suffering and injustices of the world.
Help me to know when to open them and when to look away.
Bless my ears Lord
That I may always hear the real message of what is being said.
Grant my ears the wisdom of knowing what to cherish and what to reject.
Thank you for the gift of hearing – the communication it enables –
the music which inspires my soul and the pain which moves me to compassion.
Thank you for the gift of silence, a calm to my soul.
Bless my mind Lord, may it always feed and grow on your holy word
and consider all things from your godly perspective ….
Sue Bloomfield Community of Aidan and Hilda