12th July

Calls for Unity

Though we are many … we are joined to each other like different parts of one body. Romans 12:5

The founders of the churches were all bishops, three hundred and fifty in number, famed and holy and full of the Holy Spirit. They had one head, Christ. They had one leader, Patrick. They maintained one Eucharist, one liturgy … one Easter … what was excommunicated by one church was excommunicated by all.
Catalogue of the Saints of Ireland 6th to 9th century

Always be of one mind.
David’s final message to his followers in Wales

Always keep God’s peace and love among you, and when you have to seek guidance about your affairs, take great care to be of one mind. Live in mutual goodwill also with Christ’s other servants, and do not despise Christians who come to you for hospitality, but see that you welcome them, give them accommodation, and send them on their way with friendship and kindness. Never think you are superior to other people who share your faith and way of life.
Cuthbert’s last words as noted by Bede

Keep the peace of the Gospel with one another, and indeed with all the world.
The last words of Hilda to her sisters at the Whitby monastery

There is only one true flight from the world … the flight from disunity and separation, to unity and peace in the love of other people.
Thomas Merton

The walls of separation do not reach heaven.
Cornerstone Community, Belfast

Peace between believers
Peace between neighbours
Peace between lovers
In love of the King of Life.
Peace between person and person
Peace between wife and husband
Peace between parents and children
The peace of Christ above all peace