12th November

Words From Columba

Let us not become tired of doing good; for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest. So then, as often as we have the chance, we should do good to everyone, and especially to those who belong to our family in the faith. Galations 6: 9, 10

These my children are my last words to you. That you have heartfelt love amongst yourselves. If you thus follow the example of the holy fathers, God, the comforter of the good, will be your helper. And I, abiding with Him, will intercede for you, and He will not only give you sufficient to supply the needs of this present life, but will also give you the good and eternal rewards which are laid up for those who keep his commandments.

It is possible to detect a restless, insensitive spirit from a person’s voice. This is likely to result in clumsy actions. One day Columba was working in his study at Iona when he heard a man shouting the other side of the the ferry crossing at Mull. Columba spoke these words aloud, which his servant Diarmait overheard: ‘The man who is shouting is too careless to watch what he is doing. Today he will tip over my ink’ . Sure enough, the ink was spilt later that day!

One night one of Columba’s monks came to the door of the church when everyone was asleep and stood there in prayer for a time. Suddenly he saw the entire church filled with light. He was unaware that Columba was praying inside. The sudden flash of light. frightened him and he returned to his cell. Next day Columba rebuked him for ‘trying to see surreptitiously a light from heaven that is not given to you’. We must each learn to accept grace from God in the measure he wishes to give it to us, and not to grasp after what is given to others.

Inspire us with your love, O Lord,.
that our loving quest for you may occupy our thoughts;
that your love may take
complete possession of our being.