13th August

God-Inspired Locations

The Lord rejected the descendants of Joseph, he did not select the tribe of Ephraim; instead he chose the tribe of Judah, and Mount Zion, which he dearly loves. There he built his temple like his home in heaven … He chose his servant David. Psalm 78: 67 -70

Before David of Wales embarked on his great apostolic mission he and some close friends had waited on God in the shadow of the Black Mountains. There they built a chapel and a cell, where Llanthony Abbey now stands. They took it for granted that on their return they would establish their permanent headquarters there.

However, the mission opened David’s eyes. During a conversation back at the home base with his uncle, Bishop Giuisdianus, David said: ‘My angel companion told me that in this place which I intend to make my base scarcely one person in a hundred will gain their eternal reward, but there is another place not far away, where hardly any of those buried in the Christian cemetery will be cut off from God’.

That is how David and his friends were guided by God to change their plans, and to build a large, permanent centre in the valley where David was born, near the site of today’s St. David’s Cathedral.

Are you willing to change your plans? Are you allowing God to show you larger horizons, different approaches to mission? God wants to give you a feel for the spirit of people and places, so that you move in inspired ways, to inspired places, with inspired timings, and so that you experience inspired outcomes. Why not apply the following prayer to a place that God is laying upon your heart?

O God,
although you do not live in man-made temples
you choose to work through them.
Pour down your blessing upon this place
and all who minister here
that it may be a strength to those who have oversight
a joy and inspiration to all faithful Christians
a home of prayer and devotion
setting forth to the world a pattern of
true holiness and worship.
From the Prayer of St. David’s Cathedral, adapted