13th January


Every day they studied the Scriptures. Acts 17: 11

In regard to the deeper meanings of the Scriptures, so acute was Samson’s understanding that he wanted to dig deeper than his teacher. Once the two of them came across a doubtful point; though they had carefully studied all the books of the Old and New Testaments, they could not find a satisfactory explanation. Thereupon Samson decided to undertake fasts and vigils until God’s understanding broke through. He was praying at nearly midnight when a heavenly light appeared and a voice spoke out of the light: ‘Do not trouble yourself any further on this, God’s chosen one, for in future whatever you ask God for in prayer and fasting you will obtain’. Then Samson returned quite happy to his cell and told Illtyd, his teacher, all he had seen and heard.
The Life of Samson of Dol

Urged by devoted Christians and my own inmost heart, I have made as penetrating a study as possible of the entire character, body and mind, of Christians who by their active and their contemplative life shine like stars of heaven to help us.
The author of the Life of Samson

Daily Bible reading is at the heart of this way of life. In addition, we study the history of the Celtic church, becoming familiar with such saints as Aidan, Brigid, Caedmon, Columba, Cuthbert, David, Hilda, Illtyd, Ninian, Oswald and Patrick. We remember their feast days and consider them as companions on our journeys of faith. We also bear in mind their strong link with the Desert Fathers and the Eastern Church, and wish to draw them too into our field of studies. It is essential that study is not understood merely as an academic exercise. All that we learn is not for the sake of study itself, but in order that what we learn should be lived. We encourage the Celtic practice of memorising scriptures, and learning through the use of creative arts.
The Way of Life of the Community of Aidan and Hilda

O Lord, may it be your wisdom, not my folly
Which passes through my arm and hand
May your words take shape upon the page.
For when I am truly faithful to your dictation
My hand is firm and strong
A scribe in a Celtic monastery