13th May

Death Song

Since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, so will it be for those who have died: God will bring them to life with Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 4:14

A certain brother one night, hearing that Fintan was keeping vigil in prayer, desired to know in what place he prayed. He searched for him on this side and that, until at last he came to the Christian burial ground. It was a night of darkness. This brother gazed at Fintan face to face, and witnessed an extra-ordinary light spreading far and wide. This light was so bright that his eyes were almost blinded, but God preserved him through that same grace that was upon Fintan.

Before he leaves on his fated journey
No one will be so wise that he need not
Reflect while time still remains
Whether his soul will win delight
Or darkness after his death-day.
Bede’s Death Song

Lord of the sunrise, source and ground of my being
you know me in my mother’s womb.
As my first day begins, heal me of the pain and hurt I receive.
Lord of the dawn, you see me grow strong as I learn to walk and talk, heal me of tears of separation and loss.
Lord of the high noon, you accompany me along life’s journey,
guide me in choice and strengthen me in adversity.
Lord of the dusk, as my life declines,
help me to surrender all that I have and all that I am into your hand.
Lord of the sunset, as I go to my eternal home
strengthen me on my last journey with you
that I may entrust my soul into your hands in faith and hope.
Michael Halliwell