13th September


If you have ears to hear with, then listen! Matthew 11: 15

Go to your cell; it will teach you all things.
Saying of the Desert Fathers and Mothers

Be slow to anger, quick to learn, also slow to speak, as St. James’ says, and equally quick to listen.

By quietly listening to the description of the stages, transitions, and miraculous deeds of a saint’s life, we can begin to discern and appreciate our life patterns as well as our own kinship with Jesus.
Edward C. Sellner Wisdom of the Celtic Saints

God gave us two ears and one mouth. Why don’t we listen twice as much as we talk?
Chinese proverb

Listen …
to the fragile feelings, not to the clashing fury
to the quiet sounds, not to the loud clamour
to the steady heartbeat, not to the noisy confusion
to the hidden voices, not to the obvious chatter
to the deep harmonies, not to the surface discord

You be my wisdom, you my true Word,
I ever with you, and you with me Lord
You my great Father and I your true son
You in me dwelling and I with you one.
Irish 8th. century

Lord, a thousand voices shout at me this day,
sound-bites and slogans, images and screens,
conversations and traffic, newspapers and internet…
Help me to filter out and turn away
all that is not of you,
and to spot and hold to
all that is of you