14th July

The Ever Fruitful Woman

The kingdom of God is like a woman who takes some yeast and mixes it with flour until the whole batch of dough rises. Luke 13:20,21

Brigid was the spiritual midwife who helped bring to birth Christian Ireland, and she is a potent symbol of womanhood. Through her flowed compassion, energy, and healing powers, and everything she set her hand to increased. Her large monastery at Kildare, in the central plain of Ireland, came to replace the influence of pagan kings.

Her heart contained no poison, no snake lurked within her breast
She nursed no grudges, harboured no resentments.
In the spiritual field where she sowed, the weather was always right.
When she sowed the seeds of the Gospel in people’s hearts,
the soft rain would fall so the seeds would sprout.
When she taught Christians how to grow in the image of Christ,
the sun shone in the day, and the rain fell at night,
so the fruits of good works would swell.
When she welcomed the sick and the dying
the weather was warm and dry
to prepare their souls for God’s harvest.
Now in heaven she intercedes for us
sending upon us the gentle dew of God’s grace.
A medieval Irish hymn to Brigid

You who put beam in moon and sun
You who put fish in stream and sea,
You who put food in ear and herd,
Send your blessing up to me.
Bring forth the warmth, the tears, the laughter
From our repressed and frozen ground;
Bring forth loving, healing, forgiving,
To our fretting, festering wound.
Bring in light and truth and singing
After dark and frigid years