14th June


God will complete his mysterious work. Isaiah 28: 21

Mist makes my spirit aware that everyday things are only one dimension of life. Another, less static Presence can envelop my world. This is a living presence. It is beautiful, yet not frolicsome like Spring. There is something mysterious, sombre, about it. December mist is God’s outer aura, a prelude to something sharper and nearer God’s heart. In it I can be lost in wonder, love and praise. Behind the mist are treasures waiting to be discovered – a bright month of advent and nativity; the hope that a new year will kindle the heart flame ever anew.

Now I command you, my loved man,
to describe your vision to all people:
tell them with words this is the tree of glory
on which the Son of God suffered once
for the many sins committed by humankind,
and for Adam’s wickedness long ago.
He sipped the drink of death. yet the Lord rose
with his great strength to deliver humanity.
Then he ascended into heaven. The Lord himself,
Almighty God, with his host of angels
will come to the middle world again
on Domesday to reckon with each mortal.
Then He who has the power of judgement
will judge each one just as they deserve
for the way in which they lived this fleeting life…
Then folk will be fearful and give
scant thought to what they say to Christ.
But no one need be numbed by fear
who has carried the best of all things in their breast;
each soul that has longings to live with the Lord
must search for a kingdom far beyond the frontiers of this world.
From The Dream of the Rood Trans. Kevin Crossley-Holland

O Jesus, Son of David
you have given us to see the light of day.
May you carry us home with you
to the city of grace
Anon. Mount Melleray Monastery, Ireland