14th May

Carried In Angel Arms

You have come to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, with its thousands of angels. You have come to the joyful gathering of God’s first-born children, whose names are written in heaven. Hebrews 12:22,23

The day came when Ninian, full of years, was himself stricken with a wasting disease, and racked by pain. yet even while he was beset with illness, his mind soared above the sky. The revered lover of justice spoke as follows: ‘The potter’s kiln shakes the pots with the force of the flame, but cruel burdens are the trials of just people. I should like to suffer dissolution and see Christ face to face.’ When he had uttered these words, his spirit departed his pure body and passed through the clear heights of the star-studded heavens.

Then when the breath of life had left his dying limbs, he was immediately surrounded by the shining host, and now blazing bright in snow-white vestment, like Phosphorus in the sky, he was carried in angel arms beyond the stars of heaven. Passing through the companies of the saints and the everlasting hosts, he rejoiced to visit the innermost shrine of the King throned on high. he clearly perceived, united as he was with the celestial hosts in the halls of heaven, the glory of the Trinity, the hymns of gladness, together with the supreme denizens of the Holy City on high…
From the Miracles of Bishop Nynia translated by Winifred MacQueen.

O being of brightness, friend of light
From the blessed realms of grace
Gently encircle me, sweetly enclosing me
Guarding my soul-shrine from harm this day.
Keep me from anguish
Keep me from danger
Encircle my voyage over the seas.
A light will you lend me
To keep and defend me
O beautiful being, O guardian this night.
Be a guiding star above me
Illuminate each rock and tide
Guide my ship across the waters
To the waveless harbour side.
Collected by Caitlin Matthews