14th October

The Importance Of Little Things

Jesus said: Whoever is faithful in little things will be faithful in large ones. Luke 16: 10

Do the little things that you have seen and heard through me.
The last words of David of Wales

Faithfulness in little things is a big thing.
St. John Chrysostom

I come in the little things says the Lord.

We can do little things for God. I turn the cake that is frying on the pan, for love of God. That done, if there is nothing else to call me, I prostrate myself in worship before the One who has given me grace to work. Afterwards I rise happier than a king.
Brother Lawrence

When we read the lives of the saints, we are struck by a certain large leisure, which went hand in hand with a remarkable effectiveness. They were never hurried; they did comparatively few things, and these not necessarily striking or important; and they troubled very little about their influence. Yet they always seemed to hit the mark; every bit of their life told; their simplest actions had a distinction, an exquisiteness that suggested the artist. The reason is not far to seek. Their sainthood lay in their referring the smallest actions to God.
E. Hermon

God in my rising and lying down
God in my dressing and undressing
God in my cleaning and cooking
God in my locking and unlocking
God in my greeting and speaking
God in my counting and viewing
God in the little things
God in this thing
God in that thing
God in all things