15th December


Christ always had the nature of God … but of his own free will he gave up all he had and took the nature of a servant.. He became like a man and appeared in human likeness. Philippians 2: 6,7

The Gaelic race see the hand of God in every place, in every time and in every thing
Douglas Hyde

He was imprisoned by his Jewish flesh and bones
Within the confines of his country
But he gave them as living planks to be nailed
And raised from the grave, despite the guarding,
A catholic body by his Father.
And now Cardiff is as near as Calvary
Bangor every inch as Bethlehem.
The storms in Cardigan bay are stilled
And on each street the deranged
Can obtain salvation at the edge of his hem.
He did not hide his Gospel among the clouds of Judea
Beyond the eye and tongue of man.
But he gives the life that will last for ever
In a drop of wine and a morsel of bread
And the Spirit’s gift in drops of water.
Gwenallt translated by C. Davies

Those whose faces are turned always towards the sun’s rising
See the living light on its path approaching
As over the glittering sea where in tide’s rising and falling
The sea beasts bask, on the Isles of Farne
Aidan and Cuthbert saw God’s feet walking
Each day towards all who on world’s shores await his coming.
That we too, hand in hand, have received the unending morning.
Kathleen Raine Lindisfarne

Let the rumble of traffic diminish
and the song of the birds grow clear
and may the Son of God come striding towards you
walking on these stones
St. Aidan’s Chapel, Bradford Cathedral