15th September

Divine Guidance

I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go. Psalm 32: 8

Towards the end of the ninth century the monks of Lindisfarne set sail for Ireland to escape a renewed Viking invasion. They took with them their priceless book, now known as The Lindisfarne Gospels. Tragically, they hit bad weather, the boat heeled over to one side, and the copy of the Gospels, adorned with gold figures, fell overboard and sank to the bottom of the sea.

The monks postponed their voyage and returned to dry land. There they were given a vision, in which God directed them to go to the shore at Whithorn, the Christian community on the western coast of Scotland, founded by Ninian. When they arrived there they found that, due to an unusually low tide, the sea had receded much further out than usual. They went a mile or two out from the shore. There, to their amazement and joy, they found their precious volume, still with the covers clasped together. The gold was unspoilt, and the colours had not run. Nobody could have guessed that it had ever had contact with water.
Recorded in Symeon’s History of the Church of Durham 12th. century

Men and women guided by God are the greatest forces in shaping history
Dutch atomic scientist

The Holy Spirit is the most intelligent source of information in the world.
Frank Buchman

Lord, you have a plan
for every person
and for every situation in the world.
But we are so dim.
We are so deaf.
Help us to be become wholly God-guided instruments
and to always be in just the place you wish us to be