17th February

Kevin And The Blackbird

Not a single one of these sparrows has been forgotten by God…yet you are worth much more than many sparrows. Luke 12: 6,7

And then there was St. Kevin and the blackbird.
The saint is kneeling, arms stretched out, inside
His cell, but the cell is so narrow, so

One turned-up palm is out the window, stiff
As a cross beam, when a blackbird lands
And lays in it and settles down to rest.

Kevin feels the warm eggs, the small breast, the tucked
Neat head and claws and, finding himself linked
Into the network of eternal life,

Is moved to pity: Now he must hold his hand
Like a branch out in the sun and rain for weeks
Until the young are hatched and fledged and flown…
Seamus Heaney

O, King of the Tree of Life
The blossoms on the branches are your people
The singing birds are your angels
The whispering breeze is your Spirit.
O, King of the Tree of Life
May the blossoms bring forth the sweetest fruit
May the birds sing out the highest praise
May your Spirit cover all with gentle breath.
Traditional Celtic Prayer