17th May

Dull Days

For everything there is a season, and a time for everything that happens in this world. … I can see that there is nothing better than that a person should enjoy their lot. Ecclesiastes 3:1, 22.

Do not too easily escape from a dull day.
It is natural to turn from the cold to the heat of indoors.
It is natural to turn from the dusk to the electric light.
It is natural to turn from the damp to a dry house.
There is a time to do these things
but there is also a time to shake the hand of a November day.
November days are a necessary part of life.
They correspond to something in the ‘shadow’ side of my being.
Part of me is damp, or wet, or grey.
Learn to accept this.
Accept that life is a journey that passes through the seasons.
Do not renege on the journey.
Drabness in nature is not boring, it is different.
It is a post-mortem on a fruitful season, a prelude to a spring-time,
a pause for taking stock, a time to reflect.
It also has its special charisms.
For example, the rows of bare trees become a salute
Once they are uncluttered by green foliage.

God before me, God behind me
God above me, God below me.
I on the path of God
God upon my track.
Who is there on land?
Who is there on wave?
Who is there on billow?
Who is there by door-post?
Who is along with us?
God and Lord.

I am here abroad
I am here in need
I am here in pain
I am here in straits
I am here alone.
O God, aid me.
Carmina Gadelica