18th June

The Aidan Way Ahead

I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Luke 10:1

The famous sculpture of St. Aidan on Holy Island has four features which have much to say to us. The four features are: his face, his torch, his staff and his Celtic cross.

Aidan’s face looks out to the future, and south, to the un-evangelised regions, with faith-filled vision.

Which places does Christ want us to give our attention to?

Aidan takes with him from the past the torch of the Faith to hand on to others as a living flame.

To whom does God want us to hand on the flame of faith?

Aidan carries everywhere with him his pastoral staff, a sign of gentle love and compassion for all.

Where do we need to grow in gentleness and compassion?

There is something else in this sculpture which we must never forget. Behind and above Aidan, as a shield wherever he goes, is a cross with a circle. For Aidan had a sacrificial mission – to plant a cross in the soil of a new land, and in the soul of its people. The circle meant that the message of the cross was to encompass all. It was not just to be a message but an experience of the cross to be lived and applied in every area of life, every moment of every day.

No gain without pain. No false triumphalism. No words divorced from humble service. Only so will our dreams and resolutions survive the rocks of cruel human nature. Only so will setbacks be surmounted and the serene strength of Christ still be ours as we journey on in faith.

God be with you at every leap;
Christ be with you on every steep;
Spirit be with you in every deep;
Each step of the journey you go.

All that I do
All whom I’ll meet,
All that I’ll ever be I offer now to you