19th June

Another Way

Being warned in a dream not to return to King Herod, the visitors who studied the stars returned home another way. Matthew 2:12

After the star, the dim day.
After the gifts, the empty hands.
And now we take our secret way
Back to far lands.

After the cave, the bleak plain.
After the joy, the weary ride.
But journey we, three new-made men
Side by side.

Came we by old paths by the sands.
Go we by new ones this new day,
Homewards to rule our lives and lands
By another way.
Author unknown

I beg assistance, God of my journey
to accept that all of life is only on loan to me
to believe beyond this moment
to accept your courage when mine fails
to recognise the pilgrim of my heart
to hold all of life in open hands.
Joyce Rupp OSM A Pilgrim at Glendalough

Be a smooth way before me,
Be a guiding star above me,
Be a keen eye behind me,
This day, this year, for ever