1st April

I Rise Up In The Strength Of Christ

You have died with Christ … you have been raised to life in Christ .. you have taken off the old self with its habits and have put on the new self. Colossians 2: 20; 3.1, 9, 10

The people say that the sun dances on Easter day in joy for a risen Saviour.
Alexander Carmichael

The glorious gold-bright sun was after rising on the crests of the great hills, and it was changing colour – green, purple, red, blood-red, intense white, and gold-white, like the glory of the God of the elements to the children of men. It was dancing up and down in exultation at the joyous resurrection of the beloved Saviour of victory.
Old Barbara Macphie told this to Alexander Carmichael
Risen Christ we welcome you.
You are the flowering bough of creation;
From you cascades music like a million stars,
Truth to cleanse a myriad souls.
From you flee demons, omens and all ill will; Around you rejoice the angels of light…

I rise up clothed in strength of Christ.
I shall not be imprisoned, I shall not be harmed
I shall not be down-trodden, I shall not be left alone
I shall not be tainted, I shall not be overwhelmed
I go clothed in Christ’s white garments
I go freed to weave Christ’s patterns
I go loved to serve Christ’s weak ones
I go armed to rout out Christ’s foes
A Celtic Eucharist, Community of Aidan and Hilda

Christ of the Easter morning
Hope is one of your best gifts to us
So teach us to give it to others
A Prayer from Brazil.