1st August

Taming the Tongue

Does anyone think they are religious? If they do not control their tongue, their religion is worthless … the tongue is like a forest fire. James 1: 26; 2:6

A group of desert monks traveled by boat to visit Antony. Another old monk whom they did not know was also on the boat, and it turned out that he, too was visiting Antony. Antony said to the old monk ‘Did you find good brothers to accompany you?’ ‘Indeed they are good,’ said the monk, ‘but their house has no door. Whoever wishes may enter the stable door and set the ass loose.’ He said this because whatever came into their minds they spoke about with their mouths.
Sayings of the Desert Fathers

The elders at Iona agreed that Aidan ‘was worthy to be made a bishop and that he was the man to send to instruct those ignorant unbelievers, since he had proved himself to be pre-eminently endowed with the grace of discretion, which is the mother of all virtues.’

Three sisters of lying: perhaps, maybe, guess.

Three elegant things that are best ignored: elegant manners in someone whose heart is false; elegant words from someone who is foolish; elegant prayers from a priest wanting money.

Three signs of rudeness: a visit that lasts longer than the welcome; sharp questions that cut a person’s soul; effusive gratitude when none is meant.
Celtic Triads

Could you sell your parrot to the town gossip with an easy mind?
Will Rogers

Teach me when to be silent and when to speak
When to listen and when to leave
When to praise and when to refrain
When to laugh and when to weigh
When to tell and when to wait