1st December


Be filled with thanksgiving. Colossians 2: 7

Our most deadly sickness is the national epidemic of whining. Our cry-baby culture is influencing the world and cultivates a great and overwhelming sense of self-pity. There are two causes for this. First, an over-indulgence in the electronic media; second, the inability to express gratitude.
Michael Medved, U.S. film critic and author

My dear King, my own King, without pride, without sin, you created the whole world, eternal, victorious King …
And you created men and women to be your stewards of the earth, always praising you for your boundless love.
The Celtic Psalter

Hilda was attacked by a fever which tortured her with its burning heat, and for six years the sickness afflicted her continually; yet during all this time she never ceased to give thanks to her Maker and to instruct the flock committed to her charge both in public and in private. Taught by her own experience she warned them all, when health of body was granted to them, to serve the Lord dutifully and, when in adversity or sickness, always to return thanks to the Lord faithfully.

Gratitude is the root of all virtue
A pagan saying

My speech – may it praise you without flaw
may my heart love you
King of heaven and earth.
My speech -may it praise you without flaw
make it easy for me, great Lord,
to do you all service and to adore you.
My speech – may it praise you without flaw
Father of all affection
hear my poems and my speech
Early Irish Lyrics