1st June

One Vast Family

All the people of the world come from one stock. Acts 13: 26

I am sure that the exploration of this Celtic world will be prophetic for the future as we try to break down the barriers so that we may reach out to one another. This discovery of my own Celtic roots has meant that I have also become more aware of the riches of many other traditional peoples. Here, instead of the highly individualistic, competitive, inward looking approach common in today‚Äôs society … everyone sees themself in relation to one another.
Esther de Waal The Celtic Way of Prayer

At the root of all war is fear.
Thomas Merton

Only love – which means humility – can cast out the fear which is the root of all war.

All humankind are one vast family
this world our home.
We sleep beneath one roof,
the starry sky.
We warm ourselves before one hearth,
the blazing sun.
Upon one floor of soil we stand
and breathe one air
and drink one water
and walk the night
beneath one luminescent moon.
The children of one God we are
brothers and sisters of one blood
and members in one worldwide family of God.
From the Book of Remembrance
Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle, Los Angeles, California

Christ, victim of barriers
Christ, vanquisher of barriers
Christ, linking us across the shores
of treachery and time
be with us all this day.