1st September


The angel said to Mary ‘God has been gracious to you. You will become pregnant and will have a son …The Holy Spirit will come upon you and God’s power will rest upon you.’ Luke 1: 30, 35

Since there was no record of the precise day of the year on which Christ was born, Jesus was given an official birthday on December 25 to coincide with the winter solstice celebrations. Once this date was fixed in the fifth century it was a natural progression to celebrate the conception of Jesus on a date exactly nine months earlier, March 25. What a day to dwell on the woman who made her womb and every fibre of her being so wholly available to the Son of God!

Smooth her hand
Fair her foot
Graceful her form
Winsome her voice
Gentle her speech
Stately her mien
Warm the look of her eye
Mild the expression of her face
While her lovely white breast heaves on her bosom
Like the black-headed sea-gull on the gently heaving wave.
The shield of the Son of God covers her face
The inspiration of the Son of God guides her
The word of the Son of God is food to her
His star is a bright revealing light to her.
The darkness of night is to her as the brightness of day
The day to her gaze is always a joy
While the Mary of grace is in every place
With the seven beatitudes encompassing her.
Carmina Gadelica

Glory be to you
for the anointing of joy that you gave
to Mother Mary.
Glory be to you
for this queen among the angels
causing such delight in heaven
such Life on earth.