20th January

Signs and Wonders

The apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people. Acts 5: 12

Let him who will, laugh and insult, I will not be silent, nor will I hide the signs and wonders which were ministered to me by the Lord, many years before they came to pass, as he who knew all things before the world began.
Patrick of Ireland

God who judges the heart showed by signs and wonders what Aidan’s merits were.

Cuthbert became famous for his miracles. Through his persistent prayers he restored to health many who were sick, he cured some that were afflicted by unclean spirits, not only when present….praying, touching, commanding and exorcising, but also when absent either by prayer alone or even indeed by predicting their cure… Signs and wonders whereby he shone outwardly gave witness to the inward virtues of his mind.
Bede’s Life of Cuthbert

And after raising of dead men, healing lepers, blind, deaf, lame and all kinds of sick folk… after expelling demons and vices…. after performance of mighty works and miracles too numerous to mention, St. Brendan drew near to the day of his death.
The medieval Life of St. Brendan

Great Father of the blood-red moon
and of the falling stars;
Great Saviour of the miraculous birth
and of the rising from death;
Great Spirit of the creators and the seers;
Come in sovereign power
into our dreams
into our thoughts
into our mouths
into our bodies
into our actions
till we become your sign, and presence, and wonder.