21st August


Now Jesus can help those who are tempted because he himself was tempted in all ways as we are. Hebrews 2: 18

If you fall into temptation in the place where you live, do not desert that place when the temptation comes; for if you do, you will find that, wherever you go, the temptation you are running away from will be there ahead of you.
Sayings of the Desert

God’s will would I do
My own will bridle.
God’s due would I give
My own due yield.
God’s path would I follow
My own path refuse.
Christ’s death would I ponder
My own death remember.
Christ’s agony would I meditate
My love to God make warmer.
Christ’s cross would I carry
My own cross forget.
Repentance of sin would I make
Early repentance choose.
The love of Christ would I feel
My own love know.
Carmina Gadelica

O Christ, the Champion of the tests
When the first thought strikes, help me to resist
When the first look overwhelms, help me to resist
When the first fascination takes hold, help me to resist.
If I fall, save me