21st June

Winter Solstice

I will give you treasures from dark, secret places. Isaiah 45: 3

The darkest and the coldest time
is also the brightest time:
O Christmas Christ
The radiance around the moon
is not as fair
as the radiance
around your head.
O Holy One
the majesty of the winter sea
is not as glorious as your majesty.

At the departing times
the coldest times
of our lives;
at the times of excitement
and the times of expectancy;
at the times of intersection,
when hard choices
have to be made
be with us
Prince of Peace.
Kate Mcllhagga

Lord of the seasons, on this day of briefest light
help us to be at home with the treasures of the dark.
As the days have drawn in
help us to flow with the ebb tides of life.
At the turning of the year
help us to welcome the Dawn from on high.