21st May


If you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, first be reconciled to them. Matthew 5:23, 24

Hilda stands as a symbol of reconciliation. She was host to the deeply divided Roman and Celtic parties who gathered at Whitby for the Synod of 664. Some of the Irish monks resigned from their monastery and departed to Ireland after the synod agreed to impose Roman regulations upon the Celtic churches. They were devastated. Other Celtic monks stayed, but were hostile. Hilda maintained friendships with people on both sides. Even on her deathbed, as we have seen, she urged her sisters and brothers to maintain peace and unity with all people, not just with those of their own party.

This is not an easy peace I would give you, my children. It cost me the cross to reconcile you to my Father. You must humble yourselves before each other, listen to each other’s pain, share your brother’s burden, seek his forgiveness, if you would really be reconciled in my love and my way.
A prophecy received by Myrtle Kerr of Rostrevor Christian Renewal Centre, Northern Island

God give to me by grace what you give to my dog by nature.
Mechthild of Magdeburg

It is not our differences that really matter; it is the meanness behind that is ugly.
Mahatma Gandhi

Peace between parties,
Peace between neighbours
Peace between lovers
In love of the King of life.
Peace between peoples
Peace between traditions
Peace between generations
In love of the Lord of all.