22nd March


It is all too plain that it was refusal to trust God that prevented these people from entering into God’s Rest. Hebrews 3: 19

Those who followed the rule of Columba would keep the Jewish sabbath and rest from work on Saturday as well as on Sunday. The emphasis of Sunday would be renewal and resurrection

The hours of rest and recreation are as valuable as the hours of prayer and work. The Lord Jesus reminds us that ‘the Sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the Sabbath’ (Mark 2.27). In the Scriptures, even the land was given a sabbath in the seventh year (Leviticus 15. 3-5). The need for rest was built into creation (Genesis 2. 1-3). A provision for this kind of rest, which is both holy and creative, should be part of each member’s personal Way of Life.
The Way of Life of the Community of Aidan and Hilda

Use the Rest.
Notice in a billiards room

We who have lost our sense and our senses – our touch, our smell, our vision of who we are; we who frantically force and press all things, without rest for body or spirit, hurting our earth and injuring ourselves: we call a halt.

We want to rest. We need to rest and allow the earth to rest. We need to reflect and to rediscover the mystery that lives in us, that is the ground of every unique expression of life, the source of the fascination that calls all things to communion.

We declare a sabbath, a space of quiet: for simply being and letting be; for recovering the great, forgotten truths; for learning how to live again.
U.N. Environmental Sabbath Programme

God is the one quiet unhurried Worker in the universe. He has eternity in which to do things.
J. Paterson Smyth

I cast off the works that spring from a restless spirit.
I rest in you, my Maker and Redeemer.
Help me to order my life according to your rhythms.