24th January


Avoid extremes. If you have reverence for God things will work out anyway. Ecclesiastes 7: 18

Some people wear out their bodies by denying them food or rest; but because they have no discretion they are far from God.
Antony Sayings of the Desert Fathers
And so for several years he continued to live a solitary life cut off from the sight of people; and alone in all conditions he bore himself with unshaken balance… His conversation, seasoned with salt, consoled the sad, instructed the ignorant, appeased the angry, for he persuaded them all to put nothing before the love of Christ. And he placed before the eyes of all the greatness of future benefits and the mercy of God, and revealed the favours already bestowed, namely that God spared not his own Son but delivered him up for the salvation of us all.
Life of Cuthbert by an anonymous monk of Lindisfarne
In accordance with the example of Samson the strong, who was once a Nazarite, Cuthbert carefully abstained from all intoxicants; but he could not submit to this kind of abstinence in food, lest he became unfit for necessary hard labour.

Cuthbert wore ordinary garments and, keeping the middle path, he was not noteworthy either for their elegance or for their slovenliness. Hence his example is followed in the same monastery (Lindisfarne) even to this day, but they are fully satisfied with that kind of garment which the natural wool of the sheep provides
Bede’s Life of Cuthbert

Lord, today may the needs of my body and the needs of my mind,
the practical needs of work, and the social needs
each be given their rightful place and kept in balance.
May the needs for rest and fun, study and sleep,
household order and justifiable work all be completed