24th November

When The Going Gets Tough

Be sure that your endurance carries you all the way, without failing, so that you may be complete. James 1: 4

The tempests howl, the storms dismay,
But manly strength can win the day.
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring.
For clouds and squalls will soon pass on,
And victory lie with work well done.
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring.
Hold fast! Survive! And all is well,
God sent you worse, He’ll calm this swell.
Heave, lads and let the echoes ring.
So Satan acts to tire the brain,
And by temptation souls are slain.
Think lads of Christ, and echo him.
The king of virtues vowed a prize,
For him who wins, for him who tries.
Think lads, of Christ, and echo him.
Attributed to Columbanus’ monks rowing up the Rhine against the tide.

In the steep common path of our calling
Whether it be easy or uneasy to our flesh
Whether it be bright or dark for us to follow
May your own perfect guidance be given us.
Be a shield to us from the ploys of the deceiver
And in each hidden thought our minds start to weave
Be our director and our canvas.
Even though dogs and thieves try to wrench us away from the fold
Be our Shepherd of glory near us.
Whatever matter, issue or problem
That threatens to bring us to grief
Hide it from our eyes
And drive it from our hearts for ever.
Carmina Gadelica