25th August

With God Nothing Is Impossible

In your goodness you fed your people with manna and gave them water to drink. Through forty years in the desert you provided all that they needed. Nehemiah 9: 20, 21

After three days we reached land (probably modern France), and for the next four weeks we travelled through a deserted countryside. We ran out of food and became famished. One day the captain spoke to me, ‘What do you say, Christian? Your God is supposed to be great and all-powerful, why can’t you pray for us? We are starving to death. It’s hard to believe we will ever see another person alive.’

I then said plainly to them all, ‘Turn in faith and with all your hearts to the Lord my God, for whom nothing is impossible. He will send you food on your way until you have all that you can eat, for he has abundance of it everywhere.’ And with God’s help it happened. Suddenly a herd of pigs appeared on the road right before our eyes. The men killed a number of them and spent two nights there until they regained their strength. Their hounds were also fed, and from that day they had plenty of food.
The Confession of Patrick

I arise today
in the might of Heaven
brightness of sun, whiteness of snow
splendour of fire, speed of lightning
swiftness of wind, depth of sea
stability of earth, firmness of rock.
God’s legions to save me
To protect me
from snares of the demons
from evil enticements
from failings of nature
from one man or many
that seek to destroy me
nearby or afar.
St. Patrick’s Breastplate