25th October

Three Ways To Spell Faith

The chains fell off Peter’s hands… Peter and the angel passed by the first and second guard posts …  Peter knocked at the door where many people were praying for him. The servant girl recognised his voice and was so happy she ran back without opening the door! Acts 12: 7, 10, 12, 14.

You have heard of Irish jokes, with their distinctive and delightful sense of humour. Here is an Irish faith story: Samthann, Abbess of Clonbroney, once sent a message to her local king to release a prisoner named Fallamain whom he kept in chains. The haughty king refused. So Samthann sent messengers to whom she gave these instructions: If the king will not release him, say to the prisoner, ‘In the name of the Holy Trinity you will be freed from your chains and come safely to Samthann, the Servant of the Trinity’. When the king heard this he doubled the chains, put eight guards on duty at the prison and another eight at the town gate. At midnight the prisoner’s chains became loose. As he passed the first guards, they said ‘Who are you, going about like this?’ He replied, ‘I am Fallamain who was in chains’. The guards said to him, ’If you were that man you would not be appearing in public like this’. Then Fallamain, in order to avoid the second guard, climbed over the wall and escaped. The third day he reached Samthann.

Here are three ways to spell faith:

F          For          Forsaking          R
A          All           All                       I
I           I               I                          S
         Trust      Take                   K
H         Him        Him

Lord, I do believe a little bit.
Today, help me to exercise that little bit of faith
so that it grows a little bit more