26th August

Come with Boldness

In union with Christ we have boldness to go into God’s presence with every confidence. 2 Corinthians 3: 12

The month of March, great is the pride of the birds
The wind is bitter blowing over the ploughed field
The crops are short while the days grow longer
Every creature knows its enemy
Every bird knows its mate
Every plant springs out of the earth
‘The bold person succeeds while the reckless person fails’.
Welsh Gnomes

Around me I gather
these forces to save
my soul and my body
from dark powers that assail me;
against false prophesyings
and false gods all around me
against spells
against knowledge unlawful
that injures the body
that injures the spirit.
Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

As surely as the seasons unfold
and Spring follows Winter
so sure is your steadfast love,
O God.
As burns
released from winter’s bondage
leap joyously in the sea,
melt our frozen hearts
that we may worship you.
As buds uncurl
and flowers open their faces to the sun
turn us
to the light and warmth
of your presence.
Kate Mcllhagga