26th January


Everything must be done in a proper and orderly way. 1 Corinthians 14: 40

Do not give room to a person who is full of idle chatter and tittle tattle; just give them your blessing and send them on their way.

Go along with any rule that evokes devotion.

Divide your work into three parts: first, your personal needs; second, the needs of your community; third, work that meets needs of your neighbours, either discipling or practical work.

Give to people in need.

Do not eat until you are hungry. Do not sleep until you are ready for it.

Do not converse with people except for a good cause.

Every time you receive something, give something away to a friend or a poor person.

Love God with all your heart and strength.

Love your neighbour as yourself.

Make the Old and New Testaments your home at all times.

Work at your devotion until tears come, or at least until perspiration comes.
Selected from Columba‚Äôs rule….

Lord temper with tranquillity
our manifold activity
That we may do our work for thee
with very great simplicity
A sixteenth century prayer