26th October

Desiring Only God

O God, you are my God, and I long for you from early morning; my whole being desires you. Like a dry, worn-out and waterless land, my soul is thirsty for you. Let me see you in the house of prayer… for your constant love is better than life itself. Psalm 63: 1, 2, 3

How happy are those who will be found on the look-out when the Lord comes. O happy look-out, in which they look for God the Creator of the universe, who fills and transcends all things.
I, too, though I am frail, desire to rise up from the sleep of idleness, to kindle the flame of divine love, the longing that is at the heart of divine compassion, and to rise above the stars, so that God’s love ever burns within me. O that my life might be like a living flame that burns throughout the dark night in the house of God, giving light to all who come in from the cold.
Lord, give me that love which does not fail people; make my life like an open fire that you are always kindling, which nothing can quench. O Saviour most sweet, may I receive perpetual light from you, so that the world’s darkness may be driven from us. O eternal Priest, may I see you, observe you, desire you, and love you alone as you shine in your eternal temple.
O loving Saviour, reveal yourself to us, so that knowing you we may love you, loving you we may desire you, desiring you we may contemplate you, you alone, by day and by night, and ever hold you in our thought.
Inspire us with your love, that it may possess all our inward parts, and all the different parts of our bodies, till this love is so huge that even the many waves of the world, the currents of air, sea or land cannot quench it.

Awesome Lord of earth and heaven
rule my heart.
My faith, my love to you be given
my every part
Early Irish