28th January

Hail To You, Glorious Lord

Let them all praise the name of the Lord, whose name is greater than all others. The Lord’s glory is above heaven and earth. The Lord made the nation strong so that all the people should give the Lord praise. Psalm 148: 13, 14

Hail to you, glorious Lord.
May chancel and church praise you,
May plain and hillside praise you
May the three springs praise you
Two higher than the wind and one above the earth
May darkness and light praise you
May the cedar and sweet fruit tree praise you.
Abraham praised you, the founder of faith
May life everlasting praise you
May the birds and the bees praise you
May the stubble and the grass praise you
Aaron and Moses praised you
May male and female praise you
May the seven days and the stars praise you
May the lower and the upper air praise you
May books and letters praise you
May the fish in the river praise you
May thought and action praise you
May the sand and the earth praise you
May all the good things created praise you
And I, too, shall praise you, Lord of glory
Hail to you, glorious Lord!
Early Middle Welsh

O Being of life! O Being of peace!
O Being of time, and time without cease!
O Being, infinite eternity!
O Being, infinite eternity!
Carmina Gadelica