28th March

Humans And Creation

Because of what you have done the earth shall be cursed. Genesis 3: 17

The person who tramples the world tramples themself.

The high, the low
All of creation
God gives to humankind to use.
If this privilege is misused
God’s justice permits creation to punish humanity.
Hildegaard of Bingen

I am Eve, great Adam’s wife
It is I that outraged Jesus of old.
It is I that stole heaven from my children
By rights it is that should have gone upon the Tree,
It is I that plucked the apple.
It overcame the control of my greed
For that, women will not cease from folly
as long as they live in the light of day.
There would be no ice in any place
There would be no glistening windy winter
There would be no hell, there would be no sorrow
There would be no fear
Were it not for me.
Early Irish lyrics

Since the beginning of time our task has been to harmonise the spiritual and material realms. We were intended to be mediators between God and creation, but have been disobedient. In our failure, God, in human form, fulfils this task by uniting to himself his creation in the closest possible way, taking the form of that which he created.
Tim Cooper, Green Christianity

There is enough in the world for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.
Mahatma Gandhi

O one God, O true God, O chief God,
O God of one substance, O God only mighty in three Persons
truly pitiful, forgive.
Attributed to St. Ciaran