29th May

Time To Wake Up!

The time has come for you to wake up out of your sleep. Romans 13:11

Do not consider what you are but what you will be. What you are lasts for a mere moment; what you will be is eternal. Do not be lazy, but acquire in a short time what you will possess for ever. Overcome the dislike of exerting yourself now by thinking of the reward to come. Why do you chase after vain things? Remember, life’s joys disappear like a dream in the night. So wake up …

We sleep when we think that the world is as it always was.
It is high time to awake to the truth that Jesus has come.
His summons is urgent in our midst.
Nearer than we know he is coming in judgement.
He might come in judgement this Christmas.

We confess that we sleep
when we think that power is still of this world.
It is high time to awake
to the truth that his power alone is working permanently.
All the civilisations built in scorn of his power
are as if they had never been.
And our civilisation with them will equally go down.
Nearer than we know he will be seen coming in power.
He might even come in power this Christmas.

Give us grace to wait in spiritual expectancy his coming again
to practice true humility
to be exercised in the ways of real power, to express his glory
that we may recognise the kingship of a cradle
the royalty of being ruled, the seniority of service
so that should he come this Christmas
his body bloody but his head crowned
we would be found among those who worshipped
and not among those who would kill.
If these things would be
it is high time to awake out of sleep.
George MacLeod , founder of the 20th. century Iona Community

Wake me up, Lord.