29th October

I Am

God said to Moses ‘ I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the people: ‘I AM has sent me to you’. Exodus 3: 14

Celtic Christians have a vivid awareness of God’s Presence in all creation, yet, unlike New Age devotees, they know that the creation itself is not God. The following contemporary writing makes this point in a most telling way.

I am all around you, in every single thing you experience.
I am so rich, I am everywhere at any given moment.
I am so pure, I am translucent.
Since before the dawn of all that is, I was speaking all creation into being. I am not creation. I spoke creation into being. I am not a stone, I am not the wind, I am not the earth. I am a still small voice wooing you to my way of truth.
Do not be surprised, I am more than man, I am more than woman, I speak to my creation in ways that are fitting to those who listen.
I am so much more than the highest imagined sum of all humankind. But my love for each one is greater than all the thoughts of humankind.
I will meet you in the place it is hardest for you to look …
In your feeling,
In your thoughts,
In the Truth of myself,
I will meet you in your essence, the very stuff that makes you, you.
I will never impose myself on you. Even as I witness you in great despair or in your moments of triumph, I will not enter in to help or share without your permission. My ways are pure.
Invite me into your life moment by moment and I will be your guide, keeper, teacher, friend, counsellor, confidant. I will make you a new creature and sanctify your ways until my thoughts are you thoughts and your thoughts are mine …
Ted Carr

I AM, I come to you.
I bring to you everything, even my chains, spells and darkness
Jesus of Nazareth, you always were, always are, always will be.
Spirit, may your love be my healing, my shield, and my fulfilling