2nd April

Seeds That Sprout New Life

Jesus asked his disciples ‘Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened?… Don’t you remember? When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets of pieces did you pick up?’ ‘Twelve’, they replied. ‘And when I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand, how many baskets of pieces did you pick up?’ They answered, ‘Seven.’ Jesus said to them, ‘Do you still not understand?’ Mark 8: 19 -21.

Once Ninian sat down for dinner with his brothers and realised that there were no green vegetables on the table. ‘Run down to the garden and pick some of the vegetables that are springing up’, he asked someone. The chief gardener intervened: ‘There won’t be any growth yet, I was still planting seeds this morning.’ ‘In that case’, said Ninian, ‘go in the faith of the Lord to search for vegetables, for God Almighty can accomplish anything’. The gardener quickly made his way to the heart of the garden, and to his surprise found all sorts of vegetables springing up and sprouting. He returned to the brothers and was able to share vegetables with them all.

Ninian was given a gift of faith for a particular occasion. This was possible because he constantly cultivated an attitude of faith. We, too, can cultivate an attitude of faith, by frequently meditating on Scriptures and stories like those for today. As we do this, we will be given promptings that are in fact a gift of faith for a particular need. Look out for such an occasion today.

May the blessing of the five loaves and the two fishes,
which God shared out among the five thousand, be ours.
May the King who did the sharing bless our sharing.
May the food we eat restore our strength,
give new energy to tired limbs, new thoughts to weary minds.
May our drink restore our souls
give new vision to dry spirits,
new warmth to cold hearts.
And once refreshed, may we give new pleasure to you
who gives us all.
Celtic Graces