30th January

God’s Armour

Stand ready with truth as a belt, righteousness as a breastplate … faith as a shield … salvation as a helmet, the word of God as a sword which the Spirit gives. Ephesians 6: 14 – 17

When Cuthbert arrived in Farne Island, ‘our soldier of Christ entered, armed with “the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God”, all the fiery darts of the wicked one were quenched, and the wicked foe was driven far away together with the whole crowd of his assistants. This soldier of Christ. as soon as he had become monarch of the land he had entered and had overcome the many usurpers, built a city fitted for his rule, and in it houses equally suited to the city …

Moreover not only the creatures of the air but also of the sea, yes, and even the sea itself, as well as air and fire did honour to the honoured man. For if a person faithfully and wholeheartedly serves the Maker of all created things, it is no wonder that all creation should minister to their directions. For the most part, we lose dominion over the creation because we neglect to serve the Creator of all things…

Many came to the man of God … No one went away without enjoying his consolation … He had learned how to lay bare before those who were tempted the many tricks of the ancient foe, by which the person who lacks human or divine love may easily be trapped. But whoever goes strengthened by unwavering faith passes, with God’s help, through the enemy snares as if they were spiders webs. “How many times”, Cuthbert said, “have they tried to kill me. But though they tried to frighten me away by one phantasmal temptation after another, they were unable to mar my body or my mind by fear”’.

As I put on the belt of truth, may I be open to your word which is truth however it may come to me today.
As I put on the helmet of salvation, may your law be my guide and delight this day.
As I take up the shield of faith, may I hold on to your promises
and know them in my life.
As I put on the sword of the Spirit may I be open
to the promptings of your Spirit this day.
Michael Halliwell