30th October

Reflecting The Trinity

A rope made of three cords is hard to break. Ecclesiastes 4: 12

The God whom the Celtic peoples came to know and love is the God whose very essence is a loving relationship.  God is one, but there are three permanent elements in God’s personality, just as there are in ours, (mind, body, spirit) and it causes damage not to recognise these. In the Divine Being, these three elements are so distinctive that they are more truly called persons than elements, for each of them personally manifests love. In this understanding God is close, accessible; and something of this unity of loves is reflected in human life, which is made in God’s image.

Marriage reflects the Trinity. A couple chose the above reading from the Book of Ecclesiastes which refers to ‘the threefold cord’ for their wedding. They understood, and they wanted all their guests to understand, that it takes three to make a true marriage: the bride, the groom, and God. In some church weddings this is symbolised by the priest, the bride and the groom joining their three hands together

We can also see a reflection of the Trinity in:

a tender kiss
a warm embrace
sporting comradeship
an adult affirming a child
a meal shared
two people listening to each other
a group making music
two people’s love turned out to the world
young people serving the old
black and white people celebrating
people playing.

Father, eternal Love Maker
Saviour, eternal Love Mate
Spirit, eternal Love Messenger
The Three of limitless love
I come to you
I abandon myself to you
I lose myself in you
I find myself in you
To you be all glory for ever