3rd December

A Lesson In Providence

Abraham named that place ‘The Lord Provides’,and even today people say ‘On the Lord’s mountain the Lord provides’. Genesis 22: 14

Cuthbert was travelling south along the river Teviot, teaching and baptising the country folk in the hill areas. He had a boy with him, whom he sought to train in an understanding of God’s providence. ‘Do you think any one has prepared your midday meal today?’ he asked the boy. The boy said he knew of no friends or relatives on their route and did not expect provision from anyone. ‘Don’t worry, but seek first the kingdom of God and the Lord will provide for all your needs’ Cuthbert told him. ‘I have been young; now I am old, but I have never seen God forsake those who do what is right’.

Some time later Cuthbert saw an eagle in the sky and said: ‘This is the eagle which the Lord has instructed to provide us with food today’. Shortly, the eagle settled on the river bank, and, at Cuthbert’s bidding, the boy walked over to it and took away a large fish which the eagle had brought. Cuthbert said ‘Why did you not leave half of this for our fisherman to eat?’. The boy returned half the fish to the eagle, they broiled their half of the fish in the company of some men who had a fire going, and shared their fish with them, too. They thanked the Lord and worshipped him, and went on their way to the hill people.

We can learn three lessons from this incident: to expect God to meet our daily needs, to share what we have, and to share our experience of life with people whose company or facilities we need. In short, to let God into everyday affairs.

There is as much in our Lord’s pantry as will satisfy all his bairns, and as much wine in his cellar as will quench all their thirst.
Samuel Rutherford

Where God guides God provides.
Frank Buchman

Give us this day our daily bread