3rd November

The Love Of The Three

God said: Let us make human beings in our own image. Genesis 1: 26

May we sense God’s playfulness in the children playing in the streets
May we feel God’s intimacy in the nestling in the breasts
May we surmise the risks that God takes in the chances and the opportunity that is ours
May we savour the flow of God’s friendship when we see the embraces of friends or lovers.

Deep within all of us dwells the Blessed Trinity. At the depth of our being the Father continually loves the Son, while the Son responds to the Father in love and prayer through the Holy Spirit. In our prayer of meditation we desire to be part of the love and prayer of Jesus to the Father. Rather than think up words or aspirations or images of our own, we wish to unite ourselves with the loving prayer going on continually within us. In this prayer we also seek to open ourselves completely to the Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit may bring about in us conversion, repentance and faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Mgr Tom Feheily The Christian Meditation Centre Dunlaoguire Ireland

God beyond – God within – God between.

O Father who sought me
O Son who bought me
O Holy Spirit who taught me
Irish Collected by Douglas Hyde

May the love of the Three give birth to a new community
May the yielding of the Three give birth to a new humanity
May the life of the Three give birth to a new creativity
May the togetherness of the Three give birth to a new unity
May the glory of the Three give birth to a new society