4th September

His Wounds Make Us Whole

We despised and rejected him; he endured suffering and pain. No one would even look at him – we ignored him as if he were nothing. Isaiah 53: 3

At the cry of the first bird
They began to crucify you
O cheek like a swan
It was not right ever to cease lamenting
It was like the parting of day from night.
Ah! though sore the suffering
Put upon the body of Mary’s Son
Sorer to Him was the grief
That was upon her for His sake.
Early Irish Poem

We are guilty and polluted, O God
In spirit, in heart, and in flesh
In thought, in words, in act
In your sight we are hardened in sin.
Put forth to us the power of your love
Come leaping over the mountains of our transgressions
Wash us in the blood of conciliation
Like coming down the mountainside, like the lily of the lake.
Carmina Gadelica

Father everlasting and God of Life
Give us your forgiveness
In my wild thought
In my foolish deed
In my rough talk
In my empty speech
Father everlasting and God of life
Give us your forgiveness
In my false desire
In my hateful acts
In my destructive courses
In my worthless tastes
O Father everlasting and God of life
Crown me with the crown of your love
Carmina Gadelica