5th February

Gleams From Glastonbury

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122: 6

The exact details of how Christianity first came to the Britons are shrouded in legend, for example that of the coming of Joseph of Arimathea, but scholars think that Glastonbury, which became known as ‘England’s Jerusalem’’ probably had the earliest church.

After Jerusalem’s Christians were scattered the entomber of Christ,
the noble commander Joseph, the enlightener of Britain
planted here the Tree of salvation.
Gildas the Wise, first writer of the Britons, recounted for us
in Tiberius’ last year, the coming of the Light.
In these islands, stiff with pagan coldness, the Sun’s rays shone.
With Aristobulos, first Bishop of Britain, fanning the bright flame of Joseph’s kindling,
Fagan and Dyfan, for King Lucius the Glorious,
Restored here the church built by Christ’s apostles’ hands.
Set in the jewel of Avalon, a church of wattles was made by holy hands
Dedicated by command of Christ to the dearest Mother of God
That in these northern lands this first of churches should honour her who brought humanity’s fullness to birth.
We give thanks for this cradle place of faith,
Which drew to it, so ‘tis said ,
holy Irish hermits
David and his fiery zeal
Which draws still a multitude – saints, sinners, strangers, seekers all.

Neo-Druids, Goddess-worshippers and others are not all to be dismissed as cranks. As I know, wise and well-disposed spirits are among them. Yet their outlook is surely partial … Better any number of quests, even if some are illusory, than the arid pretence that there is no quest at all.
Geoffrey Ashe Avalonian Quest

As we enter a new millennium
we pray for the withering of gods that fail us.
May the Christ of the cosmos be to those who quest
also the Christ of the womb, the workshop and the wounds.
May the Christ of the resurrection live in our bodies now and for ever