5th November

Praise Of The Trinity

Immerse peoples everywhere in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28: 19

By the singing of hymns eagerly ringing out
By thousands of angels rejoicing in holy dances
And by the four living creatures full of eyes
With the twenty four joyful elders
Casting their crowns under the feet of the Lamb of God
The Trinity is praised in eternal threefold exchanges.
Altus Prosator attributed to Columba

Clear and high in the perfect assembly
Let us praise above the nine grades of angels
The sublime and blessed Trinity.
Purely, humbly, in skilful verse
I should love to give praise to the Trinity
According to the greatness of his power.
God has required of the host in this world
Who are his, that they should at all times
All together, fear the Trinity.
Early Welsh

Power of all powers we worship you
Light of all lights we worship you
Life of all lives we worship you
Maker of all creatures we honour you
Friend of all creatures we honour you
Force of all creatures we honour you
Love before time we adore you
Love in dark time we adore you
Love in present time we adore you