6th March

Shining Like A Star

Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars for ever. Daniel 12: 3

God omnipotent, who had scattered shining lights upon the world, gave many bright stars to his people in Britain. Brilliant among these was Ninian. He was outstanding in strength derived from heaven, in miracles, eloquence and reliance on the gift of God. People came together in vast crowds and opened their hearts to believe in Christ and to follow his teachings.

On his way back to his native Galloway in 398, after training and ordination in Rome, Ninian stayed at the “fellowship of service” established by St. Martin of Tours, and this became his abiding inspiration.

He became a revered teacher and won multitudes of Picts to Christ. They worshipped graven images in the shadow of death until he converted them through his holy living. They all vied with each other to be bathed in the baptismal water and to be cleansed from the stain of their sin in the everlasting fountain.

Ninian established many new churches and monasteries, and instructed these ‘kingdoms at the ends of the earth’ with his teaching.

After a time he left the Pictish nations and came to his own people, the Britons. To them he was a good shepherd, tending his sheepfold with mind and hand, eager to protect from the enemy the flocks entrusted to his care. He built “the Shining House”, with its foundation of burnt bricks and lofty walls, in the midst of which he sparkled and shone forth like a star. This is the house which many are eager to visit, for many who have long been afflicted with disease hurry there, eager to accept the ready gifts of health-giving healing.

I pray for modern Ninians who will establish
communities of light in slum places;
sanctuaries of prayer in unvisited places;
links of faith and love with the continent, our spiritual home.
And, Lord, begin with me.